Sleep Clinic

Due to lifestyle changes the quality of sleep is affected in many ways. Obesity and sleep apnea is fast becoming a major contributor to unwellness. We have a well equipped Level 1 Sleep lab, designed specifically to identify sleep related disorders. For online booking, click here.

a. Location:

Pulmonary Medicine OPD area, A201: Second floor in A block.

b. Timings:

Tuesday and Friday

From 1 PM to 4 PMĀ 

For online appointments click the link below or visit the nearest Cash Counter inside the hospital.

c. Who can visit?

Patients who have sleep related symptoms such as excessive snoring, sudden awakening/choking, witnessed stoppage of breathing, day time sleepiness, unrefreshed sleep and other sleep disorders. Patients with the following conditions are managed in the clinic:

– Sleep Apnea 

– Insomnia

– Restless Legs Syndrome 

– Circadian Rhythm Disorders 

– Narcolepsy 

– Parasomnias  

– Sleep Paralysis