If you suffer from emergency situations such as Lung malignancy / cancer, Interstitial lung diseases (ILD), on Oxygen or BiPAP respiratory support and are unable to get appointment online, you may contact us at pulmed@cmcvellore.ac.in for early appointment.


Pulmonary Medicine has been in existence as the departments of “Chest diseases” and “Thoracic Medicine” since the 1970s. The first regression equations to predict the normal lung function values for the Indian population were derived by a Dr Jim Milledge, a British Physician; from research done at CMC, Vellore. The department has had a chequered history over the next couple of decades and in the year 1993, it was amalgamated with Medicine Unit 2, for want of suitable manpower. In the year 2000 it resurrected as a separate department and acquired its present name.

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The Pulmonary Medicine general OPD runs on most days of the week and is run doctors who are part of the department of Pulmonary Medicine. Our doctors can communicate in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam fluently and Bengali( with the help of translators)

This is a comprehensive clinic for patients presenting with various allergic disorders. While most patients may present with respiratory allergies other allergic disorders are also managed

Due to lifestyle changes the quality of sleep is affected in many ways. Obesity and sleep apnea is fast becoming a major contributor to unwellness. We have well equipped Level 1 Sleep lab, designed specifically to identify sleep related disorders.

We are one of the few centres in India that manages a large volume of patients with ILDs. All patients who have been suspected or diagnosed to have Interstitial Lung diseases will be attended by senior doctors who are experts in managing these disorders.


Asthma and COPD for two related diseases that affect the Airways. Asthma is usually inherited genetically. However, exposure to certain allergens and Chemicals at work can also lead to asthma development.

Bronchiectasis is a disease of the Airways, typically characterized by destruction and abnormally dilated Airways. While tuberculosis is the most common cause of this disease, any lung infection can ...

Interstitial lung diseases are a group of diseases that make the lungs stiff. Usually, the lung tissue is soft, supplying oxygen easier. When lungs become stiff, they gradually lose their capacity to supply oxygen.

Cancer is a disease that can affect the lungs, airways such as the trachea, the outer pleural covering of the lungs and the chest wall. Usually, patients are incidentally diagnosed

Pleura is the outer covering of the lungs. Sometimes fluid can accumulate between the two layers of pleura within the chest wall. Tthis could be due to various reasons such as infection, cancer, heart failure...

Tuberculosis is a common disease found in our country. Most Indians are infected with the TB bacteria early in their life, however they manifest pulmonary tuberculosis only when their immunity declines

Respiratory infections such as pneumonia, covid-19, swine flu, lung abscess etc will require admission to ward for appropriate care. Patients who are at high risk for infections such as those on chemotherapy, recent surgeries...

Allergic diseases such as anaphylaxis, urticaria and angioedema can occur due to exposure to certain foods, drugs, insect venoms and certain unknown triggers. Detailed evaluation of these patients involves a thorough...

Sleep apnea is fastly becoming a common disease with the advent of industrialisation in India. Due to a western diet and sedentary lifestyle obesity has become common. While obesity is a common cause for sleep apnea...